Як відбувалася висадка астронавтів на Місяць. Фоторепортаж

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16 Липня 1969 року, група астронавтів зробила маленький крок для людини, але гігантський стрибок для людства 

Всередині місячного модуля


Вид на Землю з орбіти


Сервісний модуль на місячній орбіті, астронавт Майкл Коллінз керує ним


Вид при підльоті до Місяця


AS11-40-5869 (OF300) ( 965k or 171k ) 109:42:53 Buzz has both feet on the footpad. His hands are between the third and fourth rungs. His bent knees suggest that he is about to try to jump up to the lowest rung. His OPS antenna is up.

Перші люди на Місяці


AS11-40-5872 (OF300) ( 1338k or 268k ) 110:03:24. Buzz is deploying the Solar Wind Collector (SWC), a foil sheet which he is pointing at the Sun. Note the word 'Shade' printed on the bottom of the back side. The word 'Sun' is printed on the sunward side. At the end of the EVA, after leaving the SWC exposed to the Sun for about 1 hour and 17 minutes, Buzz will roll up the foil and pack it in a bag for analysis back on Earth. Note the considerable clearance between the bottom of the Descent Engine bell and the surface beneath it. Little West Crater is near the horizon on the lefthand side of the image. Note the pattern of scratch marks running from the MESA toward the lower left that were created by the TV cable as Neil took the camera away from the LM on the tripod. Neil's footprints are generally to the right of the cable scratches as he moved sideways out from the LM. Several potentially foot-grabbing loops remain in the cable. The rendezvous radar and various antennas on the top of the ascent stage are labeled in a detail ( 223k ). Each of the boot prints is about 33 cm long and has a greatest width of 15 cm.

Процес налаштування пристрою, що за допомогою аналізу сонячного вітру, вказує  на Сонце


S11-40-5879 (OF300) ( 910k or 195k ) 110:27:00 A close-up of the surface with a two-inch rock and, in the lower right corner, Buzz's boot and footprint. Near the upper left there appears to be a cohesive clump of soil lifted -or pushed - out of a bootprint. AS11-40-5880 (OF300) ( 967k or 202k ) Second photo of Buzz's second soil-mechanics bootprint.

Сліди на місячній поверхні


AS11-40-5907 (OF300) ( 1029k or 188k ) 110:43:33 Rightward of 5906. TV camera just left of center. The sharp-rimmed crater on the apparent horizon is centered in 5856, a frame from Buzz's plus-Z pan.

Телевізійна камера, що транслювала космічну експедицію


Neil takes twelve photos of the EASEP deployment, 5942-53. Thumbnails by Joe O'Dea. AS11-40-5942 (OF300) ( 870k or 191k ) 110:58:16. This photograph is the first in a sequence of pictures Neil took of Buzz carrying the EASEP out to the deployment site a short way south of the spacecraft. In this picture, he is walking across the raised rim of the small crater he comments on at 110:58:16. Note the spray of dust spreading out in front of his left boot. The piece of equipment in his right hand is the LRRR, while the seismometer package is in his left hand. Note that, in this view from behind Buzz, we are seeing his OPS antenna edge on. In lower-quality scans and prints, it all but disappears. A detail shows the two columns of horizontal Velcro strips on the back of his PLSS.

Ніл Армстронг переносить спорядження


AS11-40-5948 (OF300) ( 219k or 1096k ) Neil took this picture at about 111:06:34. Buzz has now deployed both the east and west solar panels on the seismometer. He is looking toward the LM, perhaps to get a reference for his alignment. A labelled drawing of the PSEP includes dimenions provided by Allan Needell of the National Air and Space Museum.

Місце посадки модуля


AS11-40-5903 (OF300) ( 1174k or 258k ) 110:42:14 Neil has moved to the MESA. Ulli Lotzmann has captured a frame from the 16mm film showing Neil as he takes 5903. No other Apollo photograph has been reproduced as often as this portrait of Buzz. Neil is, of course, visible in reflection on Buzz's visor. Buzz has his left arm raised and is probably reading the checklist sewn on the wrist cover of his glove, which is shown in a detail. He is moving his right foot forward, as can be seen by the mound of dirt building up in front of the toe of that boot. Note the dirt adhering to Buzz's boots and knees. Otherwise, he is remarkably clean. The "Red Apple", which he would grab and pull to open his purge valve in the event of a suit leak or a PLSS failure, is located roughly over his navel. From our perspective, the purge valve is installed in the connector to the left of the "Red Apple". Many readers will note that the scan from original film looks different from the presentation of 5903 that the world has been seeing since the image was released soon after Neil, Mike, and Buzz returned from the Moon. See a history of the image linked here.

Найвідоміше фото з Місяця


AS11-40-5915 (OF300) ( 1125k or 249k ) 110:43:33 Rightward of 5914. The MESA is in the shadowed area at right center with the rockbox on the right-front corner.

Ще одне фото місячного модуля


AS11-40-5923 (OF300) ( 361k or 76k ) 110:50:26 View of Earth over the LM. As is discussed in the text, there is some uncertainty about who took these pictures of Earth. Australia is in sunlight on the left side of the Earth image which, as Journal Contributor Markus Mehring notes, confirms the obvious since the EVA video came thru Honeysuckle Creek and Parkes. Compare with a Stellarium view of Earth from Tranquility Base at 110:50:26, created by Journal Contributor Syd Buxton. AS11-40-5924 (OF300) ( 509k or 119k ) 110:50:26 Earth over the LM, taken from a spot near the minus-Z (east) footpad. syd Buxton has provided a detail.

Вид на землю


Neil takes two photos of Buzz saluting the U.S. Flag, 5874-75. Thumbnails by Joe O'Dea. AS11-40-5874 (OF300) ( 1211k or 228k ) 110:10:33 Buzz salutes the U.S. Flag. His fingertips are visible on the far side of his faceplate. Note the well-defined footprints in the foreground. Buzz is facing up-Sun. There is a reflection of the Sun in his visor. At the bottom of Buzz's faceplate, note the white 'rim' which is slightly separated from his neckring. This 'rim' is the bottom of his gold visor, which he has pulled down. We can see the LEC straps hanging down inside of the ladder strut. In the foreground, we can see the foot-grabbing loops in the TV cable. The double crater under Neil's LM window is just beyond the LM shadow.

Встановлення американського прапора


AS11-37-5548 (OF300) ( 135k or 975k ) The camera is once more back at Neil, who documents the surface experiments south of the LM. Two components of the EASEP are seen deployed. In the far background is the Passive Seismic Experiment Package(PSEP); and to the right and closer to the camera is the Laser Ranging Retro-Reflector (LR-3). A LM thruster appears on the foreground AS11-37-5549 (OF300) ( 131k or 951k ) Same as AS11-37-5548. In a labeled detail, Journal Contributor Vlad Pustynski has identified a boulder Neil examined at about 111:00:01 and then left the Gold Camera upright on it while he deployed the LRRR and took documentation photos. See AS11-40-5952, which shows the ALSCC upright on this boulder. Neil grabbed the ASLCC at the start of his run to Little West Crater and took it with him.

Закінчення місії  та початок повернення додому


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